Luciana intervista


my name is Luciana.

I release this interview with the aim to help other patients to choice the therapy of Dr. Simoncini.against the cancer

my father was operated in 1999 for hepatocarcinoma

in 2002 re-operated for relapse

in 2203 he got chemo-embolisation

in 2004 3-4 months alcolisations

in June 2006 doctors stop the alcolisations because they are useless

cancer is quickly going on

a CAT SCAN of 2005 reveals an evident worsening

at this point for the official medicine no more therapies can be done

a doctor informs us about Dr. Simoncini therapy

we even know a person completely healed from liver cancer 

then we decide to begin the cure

a medical staff locate a catheter in the liver artery

with a port cath in the axillary cavity

then my father start the sodium bicarbonate infusions in the liver artery

and after about 1 month and a half

the cancer was completely disappeared

as shown by the radiologist

that underline the positive effect

of the therapy with sodium bicarbonate





Primo documento  Cat Scan: two relapses of hepatocarcinoma (size 4 cm)


Secondo documento: 2005 Cat Scan: ** it is useless to keep on doing alcolisations**


Terzo documento: 200 echography: There are no more growing lumps