I had a big ovarian cyst. It was urgent to remove it, otherwise I would have got other disturbs such as bleeding or strong pains.

I had to do the operation.

So, I decided to do this, but after the intervention the bleeding remained and no drugs could stop tit.

This situation continued for a year.

- One year?-

Yes, I had 3 operation because there was a continuous reproduction of cysts, fibromas and polyps.

Polyps were removed now in May, and I would have resolve the problem.

But since the problem remained, a friend of mine that looked at a Tv broadcast where Dr. Simoncini was mentioned, told me: why donít to try his care system?

-But, what did you do exactly with the sodium bicarbonate?-

I tell you: Just internal wash outs.

After a wash out, I had to lay in the bed and turn around of 90 degrees every 15 minutes..

The whole wash out took about one hour.

Dr. Simoncini told me that the bleeding could be blocked within 6 days, and it was true: I had no more bleeding after the six days.

-In practice, it means that you had continuous bleeding for one year till now?-

The bleeding stopped just for some days

-After the operations, then started again?-

Yes, the bleeding remained, despite of the drugs.

I was very anxious,  I was almost exhausted. I couldnít live in that way.

-Of course, it could be a horrible thing.-

 Yes, I donít hope it for anybody. I thought my life was finished because I couldnít find any solution.

-How old are you?-

Iím 38 years hold. The doctors said to me that the unique real solution was to cut off everything.

But I refused it and fought to find the real solution of my problem.

-Then, they wanted to remove the uterus?-

Yes, they could resolve the situation only with the operation.

-The, which was the cause?-

Yes, Dr. Simoncini explained it to me. I made a PAP test and the was the Candida, the infection that caused everything, fibromas, polyps and so on.

One month ago I made a new Pap test and the Candida was disappeared. My uterus was perfect again.